$APTY So my recap of the week. The 8ema crossed the 21ema earlier with that bullish pennant. After that, it swung up, crossed the 50ema, and we saw new support levels formed. Yesterday was a good indicator of how strong this ticker is as evident by the PA. RSI heated up just a bit. As SP dropped, we watched any “dips” immediately get bought up. Next up is the 100ema. We are quickly approaching another golden cross if things continue which would be the 3rd one seen in just 7 trading days. The MACD & ADX speak for themselves, and Volume is right around our 10 day average. My take is that most in this ticker do not want to be caught NOT holding shares at the end of the day...while others are probably adding to their core position in anticipation of the upcoming catalyst. Today will be another interesting day. Depending on which indicators that you use, I see .0177, .0180, and .0186 as the next resistance areas…with .0180 being the most important. Just my opinion of course.