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      Logan McNulty
      The 1st thing I do after my order fills is set a stop. CANSLIM + Market Wizards mentality
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      TRACK SMART MONEY'S EVERY MOVE. Without the noise. ZONE IN on what matters. FlowAlgo alerts you when Smart Money places an order on the lit or dark(dark pool) markets. Providing you all the order details. Try it FREE for 7 days.
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      Rob C
      Not a "Chartist". Fundies & TA are useful but more interested in market sentiment & how Quants programs & Traders think. Trading is Chess, investing is Bridge. Modern Day Tape reader. Trust yourself over anyone else in regards to your trades. GL!
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      These are my ideas and if you like what you see then come join me at OP- the best trading community hands down! DM me if your interested!
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      Digital Asylum
      Systems Engineer by trade. I'm looking to discuss facts and technical analysis, not ignorant opinion. There are no teams. Only those who profit and those who give it up.
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      Commodities, currencies and the odd stock. Technical Analysis - pure charts, no funnymentals.
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      Sang Lucci
      Creator of the best trading community & chat interface on the web w/ @wallstjesus. #TapeReading #Options #Psychology #ProprietaryTrading
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      Vinny Gambini aka TL LeBlanc
      Author, trading coach, founder trading since 1987, Ichimoku disciple, options/equities using TA, patterns, internals. Father, Vietnam Veteran, USN 72-76 Core belief: Integrity, Honesty, Respect, Karma
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      "Wannabe trading goddess"... learning something new every day :) "Today is the first day of the rest of your life".
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      marketchameleon Official Account
      Looking to provide the investing world the same tools used on wall street at a cost that will make you smile FREE
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      Joe Smiggetts
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      I trade stock. Anything stated are pure opinions of how I will manage my money risk and reward. Please do your own DD as you accept your own risk when you trade.Trade with me & #TheDarkArmy join -> join me
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      Michael Kramer Official Account
      Michael Kramer is the Founder of Mott Capital Management, the home of the MCM Long-Term Thematic Growth Portfolio and Research Services.
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      Ven Kam
      Investor. Trader. Watcher. Risk Taker. Learner. Opinions & Twits here are my own. No recommendations for either buy or sell. DO ur own Due Diligence. You are responsible for your own acts.
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      What you need to know on Wall Street right now. News is intended for informational purposes only and does not claim to be actionable for investment decisions. Staff does NOT provide any individual investment advice or money management assistance.
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      Real name is Wolfe. IG, Snap, and Twitter: @everytimeicash I dont care about your positions nor your opinions; just the data. Learn more about me here:
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      Anthony Bahar Official Account
      ⚓️ Founder, Chartist, CEO, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist from Windermere, Florida 🇺🇸 | twitter: @NASDboy | 💌 | Follow & Subscribe for charts and trade ideas.
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      20 year Army Veteran, Soldier, Entrepreneur, Single Parent, DAY & SWING TRADER. Cut Sling Load and protect your profits. My goals not to be GREEDY but we all make mistakes. Follow me on Facebook on @RockSteadyStocks #ReadResearchStudy
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      ❋ CBX PERFORMANCE ⫶⫶⫶⫶ 2016 = 77 Trades ; 30 Day Hold Avg ; 18% Avg on Alerts ; 13% Avg on Trades ⫶⫶⫶⫶ 2017-08-31 = 67 Trades ; 46 Day Hold Avg ; 22% Avg on Alerts ; 19% Avg on Trades ⫶⫶⫶⫶ My Posts while AWESOME are NOT Advice!! ❋