$SAVA $MMSI $CENTA $OSTK $KFY $CELH $YELP $SANM $UPWK $PLUG $IMAX $ALK $SIX $MAIN $IHG $NSIT Follow the real guy. No fluff. No pumping. Watch his alerts. Dont trade yet. If u see he wins, start slow. Thats what I did . I am truly appreciative of his alerts and sharing here on ST. I already made some money on $NIO call/put , $KFY $SIX . Will reneter all of these tickers. $ADMA $SINT @mrinvestorpro
Swing Trade Entry Watchlist for 11/17: BULLISH (technically oversold on most if not all indicators): $SAVA $MMSI $CENTA $OSTK BEARISH (technically overbought on most if not all indicators): $KFY $CELH $YELP $SANM $UPWK $PLUG $IMAX $ALK $SIX $MAIN $IHG $NSIT I will add more in the comments section as I encounter them. Keep in mind, that waiting for at least 1 candle to confirm of a swing high or a swing low is always the best practice for entering a trade. @rohitch
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