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    retired, hehe


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      PandA Trader (Pat Rosenheim)
      #HYHRD: (High Yield High Return Dividend) Portfolio. Retired and living off the income from our CEFs, Preferreds, & stocks. Check my blog @ or @panda317 on twitter. My opinion is not advice. I can't give advice, please don't ask!
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      Samuel Miller
      Samuel Miller, 60, is a full-time trader in the U.S. stock market, as well as a Disability Studies specialist. He was born with cerebral palsy and is a graduate of McGill University's English Department.
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      Underdisclosed looks “under the hood” and “between the lines” of the public disclosures of public companies. We reveal what they really mean by the terms of art, ambiguous language, boilerplate and the parlance of the profession.
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      Pilot & Trader
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      Theresa Cross
      retired business professor; successful consulting company CEO; wise sage; conservative to the core
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      John O'Connor
      Outplacement, Keeping An Eye on Companies, Business Movement, Employment Trends
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      Al Jones
      President of Al Jones Corporation, game developer for playing cards and mobile devices.
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      Bender Rodriguez
      Bender, an industrial metalworking robot, was built in the year 2997 at Fábrica Robotica De La Madre, a manufacturing facility of Mom's Friendly Robot Company in Tijuana, Mexico.
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      Providing inspiration and encouragement to traders every morning at 9am EST