@BillAmity Since you asked, I'll ad my 2 cents. My opinion, and it's only an opinion, is this. IF LODE had any PR to come out immediately after the r/s, then they wouldn't have made that promotional video. Making that video is trying to lessen the impact of a reverse split. They wouldn't need it if they had PR about to be released. The way it looks now, it will reverse split Friday to about .33. R/S tend to attract more sellers than buyers, so you might see a slight dip to .30 or just under. If it holds there, or even goes back up to just over .30, then it sets up well for when they do have news. Those r/s sellers would have been exhausted. If the r/s happens and it drops below .25, it's a sign that more sellers are still around and the time frame for leveling off might be a week or 2. In either event, what happens then will rely upon some catalyst to make the stock move. That catalyst might be what is going on with Sierra Springs, which is looking to finalize early in 2020.
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