@gaksel Yes it came from China and yes they lied about it. If you listen to TRUMP you'll learn he's been lying about it for months now. He's said many more things than these 1. It's a hoax created by the DEMS and media 2. It's nothing be gone in a few weeks 3. The cases are going down and people are getting better. 4. Promised testing, didn't deliver, day after day. This could have been limited better if not for the orange liar ignoring the experts and making it political by bashing, bashing, bashing. He didn't respond nearly as quickly as other countries. He limited testing so people couldn't find out how far spread this is. To this day he's deflecting what he didn't do and blaming everyone else. Total lack of leadership. Make no mistake about it, TRUMP owns this, it's the TRUMP virus because of his lack of action to protect the people.
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