$NVIV still bullish on their pipeline, but there's no trust in NVIVs management anymore! FYI, if you were wondering why Toselli gave away shares for 0.12 in November. It was to buy votes for their annual general meeting. After the first meeting blew three times, they changed their proposal for increasing authorized shares from 40m to 500m. (shares outstanding back then were 9.35m) Now they are funded until early Q3, so there will be an offering soon to fully fund INSPIRE 2.0 You can now bet on a pump for the next offering, which could be big given the ultra low float! They haven't released any news since summer last year, so maybe they withheld them for the potential financing push. With 4m market cap their asset (in its pivotal trial) is heavily undervalued (fair value should be 200m imo), but beware of the dilution, if management plans to make an offering on current price levels.
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