$GOLD If you look at all the major indices charts, the bond yield charts, and the Vix now breaking out, all these charts are super bearish for the market. A perfect storm. A possible large pullback or correction will happen by mid Dec if it all plays out and doesn’t reverse this week.
@BullCrossing I’m in agreement with your market pullback, but I think it will be around April/May 2022. The FED is still pumping. Look at the SPY yesterday. It’s very clear to see that the FED is still propping hard. The retail investor is still blind to what’s about to happen. For the last 6 months I’ve been scaling back and getting my portfolio where I want it by early 2022. Recently I’ve sped up the process, trying to get to 50% cash by the end of the year or January 2022. (Capital gains is an issue for me) With inflation at extreme highs, the dollar is only buying 50-70% of what it could buy 12-18 months ago. Real wages haven’t increased 30-50%, at best they’ve increased 10-20%. The growth engine is over. The collapse will be catastrophic and I don’t think the FED can do anything about when IT truly happens.