$SPCE I am buying more next week pre conference no matter what the price is! Not worried at all. I am a gatherer and holder of Virgin Galactic stock I have loved this companies potential and have seen it clearly from long ago. Still seeing the same thing off the charts potential! I will in fact buy more not counting days or cents before Richards flight simple and unreserved! This stock is my retirement! I am comfortable with my choice short influenced articles and or pullback weird and odd chatter will not detour me even a micro bit. Not just a fan. I am all in(lots of money) and Happy and confident to be all in! To each their own! Most of the negative chatter on here is from cheapskates hoping for a discount and other scared people with no positions scared of the 2020 best stock in this world today IMO! Looking to convince themselves to buy this winner. Saying in posts I am bullish later after the prices are sky high in other words! My money matches my words! Heavily invested!
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