$SPCE I have pretty much tripled my initial BIG investment in SPCE and have been adding at all levels since. I do not want to divulge the profit number but it is BIG profit and pull back hogwash has been here the whole entire time. Adding tomorrow as well. I have not changed my view EVER. SAME THING WE WILL SKYROCKET THIS YEAR! Not one analyst has the number correct we will rise higher. Analysts can not possibly predict the incredible public interest this stock is capable of! You will see it everywhere. Commercials,news,talk shows, radio,papers,magazines,web. FRONT PAGE NEWS and talk of the town! Not even an official announced test flight to space and we are knocking on 25 per share! What do you really think happens after flights actually begin? WORLD WIDE EXCITEMENT, INTEREST AND STOCK CRAZE! VIRGIN GALACTIC HAS WHAT IT TAKES TO BE A GIANT! Phase 2 coming up with a much greater rising than we have experienced to date. Phase 3 will make shares today look like they were almost free.
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