$SRNE My take on what's going on. Dr Ji isn't just a doctor. He is a businessman. In fact, I think he is an empire builder. The problem is, this is his baby. He knows what he needs and can do, but unfortunately communication isn't his strength. If I were in Korea, (and I have worked there) elocution is totally different than in the US. But business for the most part is business. Look at the big picture: We are either in partnerships, subsidiaries, ownerships, or licensees of the following: Acea, Cellularity, Viral Clear, Personalized Stem Clear, Smart Pharm Virttubiologics, Bioserv, Sofusa, Levena, Immune, Concortis, CYK, Mayo Clinic, Mt Sinai, Columbia... Hello????????? You tell me. If you were building a BRAND. If you were building Big Pharma. How about this??? Dr. Ji is building a BRAND. I've built a brand. This is the real deal. Stay long. Stay Strong. If you build it, they will come...
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