$CLF Take the long term view on this one. Always takes time for new market leadership to assert itself. Classic deleveraging & turnaround story going from -$52M to +$41M in a year on a strengthening balance sheet with no signs of slowing revenue growth. Monthly chart shows the path forward. I remember when people here on ST thought AMD was “done” after rallying from $3 to $20 when that turnaround was just getting started.
@russellkbrett great comparison to AMD brother... I was a part of that cult in with 15k @ 1.63 after Goldman Schvantz downgraded them to a SELL...it was the greatest buy opportunity in history practically... CLF is no different...
@Terrordome Yup. I was right there with you. Analysts are short term in nature. All they do is chase momentum and then issue downgrades when they believe the momentum has stopped only to upgrade it again much higher so they don’t look like fools.