$DWT $UWT $TVIX $VBIV TVIX is where the money is huh? You fucking idiot. I guess if you like losing money, down over 20% PM. And telling everyone to short the market is about as un- American as you can get. Why don't you just go break into your neighbors house and take they're shit? If you want to rob people of their money and perpetuate a recession you might as well be up front about it. GFY. Have a nice day 🤗
Friday, 3.20.20 premarket rally, absolutely 100% ridiculous re due diligence. Oil up on Trump jawboning re acting as peacemaker between OPEC, NONOPEC, Russia all the while Russia says otherwise. World stock market premarket rallies based upon hopium stimulus spending all the while the world at large goes on Coronavirus lockdown. Ignore the nonsense, don't panic. There is no rally, Virginia, just self serving, unregulated manipulation that will fail miserably. Carry on shorting oil and stock markets at large for a very long time as Coronavirus rampages on. Fact. Long and strong $TVIX is the trade for profits. Feel free to share with others. Wishing all the very best in these very serious times. Good health to you. $DWT $UWT and many more.
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