$TRCH sounds like your salty for some reason
$TRCH attempting to be a voice of reason here because I don’t want people to lose their money chasing hype. As a disclaimer - I am long on MMAT and TRCH, but with money I can afford to lose. My predictions for any price increase prior to the merger rely solely on news, hype, and people holding onto their positions. However, there is no/very little short squeeze in the making here. The number of shares being shorted is around 5-6m. Which has been trending downwards as of late. The SI % of the float is 4.5%. In terms of daily average volume, the stocks shorted is healthy and can certainly lead to a slight spike pre-merger, but the other two factors still play a large role here. Pre-merger talks, the stock had been trading around <$2. Increased RSI alludes to the stocks being wildly oversold, which is fine but unfortunately that trend took a bit of a tumble last week (hence the price decrease we saw.) With technicals in mind, there’s a good chance that we see the stock trade sideways
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