$PROG Some of y’all just don’t wanna see it and only looking for confirmation bias. Even when the company filed for offering, we still have people saying it’s not an offering, it’s not a dilution, even goes as far as it’s buying back share. Then some makes excuse for the company saying they’re trying to take advantage of the squeeze. NO, they are NOT. They have done this again and again and we even knew the Nov 20th date. If they file for an offering, they WILL use it. They already have. In fact, they are doing it right now. No, it’s not short manipulation or MM walking it down. Could they be doing that as well? Absolutely! But to deny that the company isn’t selling share is like saying 2+2 = 5 You can be bullish and still critique the company and look at it objectively. If you learn anything at all, learn this, YOU are the cash cow. Company doesn’t give a fk about you, much less the squeeze. Once you have all the infos(not just the one you wanna hear), the picture becomes clear