Your wife sounds smart. People used to make fun of $CELG when it was a $2 stock, just like $SRNE...the butt of many jokes, until it wasn't. Then $BMS bot $CELG for $75 Billion. One of the main reasons for CELG success was the cancer drug Abraxane, which Henry Ji developed(and didn't get credit for). Now check out Henry's recent stock awards linked to $SRNE mkt cap - it's structured similar to $TSLA. Henry's creating a $100B+ co and he wants to be rewarded in stock like Musk. Even though both have failed on big dreams in the past, it's not always linear - sometimes it just take a bit longer.
$SRNE My wife used to work for a big pharma company - When she viewed this mornings presentation she got super excited. That reminded her of the big pharma docs they used to see, They have pain management, Different divisions, OMG - She was ecstatic. I wasn't excited at all, I simply want an FDA EAU on something so the stock price jumps up. As she reviewed each slide it became more and more apparent - This is a global pharmaceutical company with multiple divisions of pain management that already has its targets clearly defined. When we got to the last slide she jumped six feet out of the sky - She knew some of the people working here from a previous company and they are industry professionals. She made it extremely clear to me, We do not sell this stock anytime soon, Its a 2 year hold, And keep buying more. It has been a roller coaster falling from $18 but the end result has always been the same. The Institutional buying is not an accident. Stay long and strong and be rewarded.
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