$MNKD Just commented on LinkedIn. Stuart this comment will probably hurt my chances of working at MNKD. But, having been a long time share holder and believing in Al's vision back before FDA approval, shouldnt the same effort you put into the rebrand be put into Afrezza. Mike had been at the helm for three years, many things have taken place behind the scenes, yet YOU guys never release a drop of info. Why should a new website be given preference over RLS work with canniboids for example. The market space is hot, yet not a peep from you guys. Why should a rebrand be given prefrence over Technosphere's unique and limitless potential? So fine a rebrand. So be it. But you know it and I know it, Afrezza is still unknown to 99% of the diabetic population. However a god damn rebrand is given more priority. There is a reason why long time shareholders are frustrated, you(MNKD) have shown your priorities, completely misaligned with us and Mann's vision.
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