$ATOM Scott 4/28: “This customer is extremely sensitive...At some point when we do go to production, I think it will become intuitively obvious, but for now, I don't think they're going to want to say their name in the near term...One thing I want to make clear about this JDA customer is, I've seen a lot of questions coming in about how fast they'll move in from Phase 4 and into Phase 5 but for a JDA customer like this, the work that we're doing is really a mixture of kind of Phase 3 and Phase 4. They've installed in their fab, that's great. It means they can deposit MST in half an hour as opposed to a month if they have to send it to us for us to process but they still are going to be going into the Phase 3 process of trying MST on a number of different applications and proving it out before they decide to make it available to the business units. So they might be able to try it a little bit more and then take it into production.” This is what you call SCALING and it will = more $$$