$MNKD News Release.... (Our prayers answered? ) Amengen USA..... Today Robert C Breadwhey announced that Amengen has officially ended any negotiations with Mennkund Corp concerning partnership and promotion of any of Mennkund products or technology. CEO Breadwhey indicated that the decision to terminate any relation ship with Mennkund was the result of information received from BOD Member, former Amengen Executive Anton Hupper. Baised on Herr Huppers assessment of the management of Mennkund Corp, many of them castoffs from Amengen and especially the CEO Miek Cantstanya, that reveals that under the present Ceo Cantstanya Mennkund has failed every criteria to establish itself as a legitimate concern. Any association with Ceo Cantstandya would dirty the name of Amengen and reduce our credibility in the biotech community. Said Mr. Breadwhey... " Unfortunately, we have discovered that Mr. Castandya was spawned by the devil to kill Mennkund." AMEN
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