$MJ >> message volume down 7% today >> Think about it: NY, NM, V etc. All legalizing and Schumer saying Federal decriminalization coming.....also talk of California allowing cannabis companies to use banks and secure real lending This is all happening in April with 4/20, the holiday for the cannabis sector, on deck and $APHA & $TLRY merging, creating the largest cannabis company in the world The fundamental setup is happening following a consolidation period for the cannabis sector providing more attractive prices than earlier in the year People would rather chase cruise and air lines than invest in one of the fastest growing segments of our economy
@ospreyeye I truly wish the social stigma of cannabis would change from eye rolls about sloppy stoners eating Funyuns to acknowledging that it is not only a much better recreational alternative to alcohol but also as a medicine that can tremendously help chronic medical conditions in ways traditional medicine has failed. Even “liberal” news outlets are still fairly sarcastic about marijuana’s legitimacy which is frustrating
@ZeroFunSir @ospreyeye my problem with weed is always someone else’s problem with it. they want to use it as an excuse to insult u because they’re jealous of ur life! fn losers all of them. keep crushing it and make lots of 💵💵💵💰💰💰💵💵💰💵💰💵💰💰
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