@savagehenry1 @traderbobl @Lutar @GoodNewsBull @PermaFrost I have uncovered the evidence, I read extensive ly, you are simply wrong even cause you don't know the truth or are lying. I assume it's the former and you just believe trump. In any case I won't argue the facts with someone who claims his opinion of what might occur when it never has occurred. You clearly don't know the meaning of what a fact is so I won't argue about the facts. As to what trump uncovered about the dems, nothing I didn't know already, in fact he out does them and is far worse.
@Bluweed @traderbobl @Lutar @GoodNewsBull @PermaFrost he did not say all Mexicans were rapists etc. He said that Mexicans a country is no friend of ours, to be sure, but he also said that they’re “not sending their best people”. In the quote circled here he specifies that some, he assumes, are good people. It’s not the most presidential message, as is often the case, but he was making a larger point about illegal immigration. Evidently, it appealed to an electoral majority enough to put him in the WH. Interestingly, I’ve also spoken to many Mexican-Americans who had no problem with that comment. Why? Because they’re tired of gangs like MS-13 giving them a bad name. Just like right now most black Americans are distancing themselves from the violence in the street in a big big way.