$INKW @Be_Water @Baconman83 @Myleftfoot @fluffnutterinu @Mauiboy222 @brewers YOU KNOW WHY INKW IS DOWN for .15 to .01 YES, Still diluting shares you can buy from the CEO for (.0075) YES, Lost 2.3 million dollars YES, they lose money on every water bottle they sell. YES, losses will increase now that they are selling a case for 8.99 before it was 29.99 NOT, Company says they paid off the plant but per their own filing, they still have a mortgage for 5000 interests only for 59 Months then have to pay off the mortgage! Not, INKW says they paid off the surrounding land well (They sold the land) thought some of the wells were on-site too bad they sold the land NOT, hired 7 people Per INKW own filings NOT, Adding solar panels NOT, Adding a New Roadway Sign NOT, Paving of the roadway, driveway, and parking lot. NOT, Adding a new ceiling to our cargo doors NOT, adding an additional high-speed bottling line to increase production.