$BCRX Update: Remdisevir is now available “widely” instead of 1 vial at our facility (Gilead was generous as it turns out). So, “we” have a nice stockpile at our disposal that requires a national registrar database as well as for convalescent plasma to use. Both now are front line treatment for COVID-19 with inclusion criteria detailed below: 1. Hypoxia meaning an oxygen saturation of < than 94% whether on room air, Venturi mask, non-rebreather mask, or NIPPV (non-invasive positive pressure ventilation) such as BiPAP. 2. Normal kidney functioning (GFR > 90) 3. Normal liver function tests (AST/ALT/AP) Remdisevir’s main adverse reaction is elevated liver function tests (LFTs) which we follow closely with daily tests. The total treatment is 5 days (200mg IV on day 1 followed by 100mg IV days 2-5). As far as to my knowledge thus far, Remdesivir has proven efficacy against “moderate “ symptoms but being carefully studied on mechanically ventilated patients. Enjoy your long weekend
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