$SNDL Well this place looks much better now that I’ve blocked all the bears 🖕🏻🩳. I need you guys to remember , for whatever reason you are in here , it’s to win, not to bash a stock forum like you got nothing else to do. That’s some low life stuff, imo, you may just be having your fun, but it’s not funny, but anyways : why don’t we all just sit back, and acknowledge the fact that this is not the first time the share price has jumped from a couple to Nickels to a $1+ , it’s happened , and much more likely to happen again. So whether you are in this for a flip or longer term, you will prosper , When companies pay off debt the way they did it is not for no reason. Something is brewing up, set up your sell limit to wherever you’re happy and stop checking if you’re worried, if you’re scared ,sell for a loss , somebody else would be more than happy to grab that .
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