$SRNE Forgot to add something. I don’t have ability right now, but pull up the phone number listed for Larry Liu at the FDA link for Covi-track. Long story short, it is tracked to a phone number in MD. IRONICALLY, my wife’s sister went to school with his son and were friends. Larry used to own a couple of companies, sold out and moved to San Diego to start a new business. Do a phone number lookup in Google and you will see. IT IS the same Larry that Sorrento hired
$SRNE *DD ALERT* I don’t have time right now....but bonus points to anyone that can tie this all together: Larry Liu, the contact on Covi-track submission. I am 99% sure he does NOT work at SRNE and is hired by SRNE to handle the submission. Just like on the zhenzhou submission, I forget the lady’s name but it is SRNE address, but she does not work there. I found her too working at another location, but she is handling the submission of the test on behalf of SRNE. Here is Larry’s linkedin: linkedin.com/in/larry-liu-a... Company is fortiusbio. See here: fortiusbio.com/ Obviously we all know the zhenzhou fortune biosciences is the beginning of Covi-track. Larry Liu is the contact. Is FortiUSbio related to (Zhenzhou) Fortune Bio? Name is awfully close - Forti = Fortune US affiliate. Here is zhenzhou sales on alibaba: fortunebio.en.alibaba.com/c... And the official fortunebio.com/ website (Chinese): http://fortunebio.com/ Get to work guys, I want a full report by EOD.
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