$THTX Both Gettysburg Cancer Center and MD Anderson Cancer Center are still recruiting patients. clinicaltrials.gov/ct2/resu... mdanderson.org/patients-fam... I am going to revisit the schedule of dose escalation, as per the trial’s description the study will use Accelerated Titration Designs for Phase I by Simon et al.(1997) which has 4 designs: “ Design 1 is the standard 3+3 Dose steps are defined by a modified Fibonacci series in which the increments of dose for succeeding levels are 100%, 67%, 50%, and 40%, followed by 33% for all subsequent levels. Three patients are usually treated at a dose level and observed for acute toxicity for one course of treatment before any more patients are entered. If none of the three patients experience DLT, then the next cohort of three patients is treated at the next higher dose….
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