Weekly RECAP: Many stocks hit all-time lows last week like CHK AFI FLDM PRTY AWSM ALNA and ANAB, ... some started to rebound and provide(d) excellent trading gains. Mon.(11/4): started off well with rallies in NIO $PCG and mini bleeps in CEI and IFMK; Tue.(11/5): Over +300% monster rally in $NXTC Wed.(11/6): FCEL +153% in pre-mkt; and CNST +200% Thurs.(11/7): BNGO +70% jump but then selloff; Fri.(11/8): $ANAB losing -72% hitting an extremely overdone all-time low around $10 ... company has plenty of money for operations and research through at least 2021. ANAB seems to have huge rebound potential for at least a double (+100%) perhaps in the coming week. Also the PRTY selloff seems way overdone and should produce a good rebound. Looking forward to a hot week of profitable trades with hopefully lots of volatility due to big selloffs last week, also in major stocks like e.g. $EXPE FOSL RLH etc. Wishing everyone a relaxed enjoyable weekend! God bless! Get ready for a winter blast :)
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