@scherfcom Yes, but by the time people load, it's usually too late. Remember what happened with SINT two days ago? You're ahead of the game, but everyone else is playing catchup. This momentum is artificial and does not reflect underlying fundamentals. Will be back where it started at open. Don't forget to tell your followers that bit of news.
@StochasticSurfer You know at $1.83 $SINT was not too late and even at $1.87 it wasn't too late, OBVIOUSLY, ... as the stock just hit $2.57 so far and folks are making easy 20-30% which based on our strategy is right on schedule with "MAKE A BILLION IN ONE YEAR" carving out profits. EVERYONE CAN BECOME A BILLIONAIRE with the right perspective, mindset and strategy, and even starting out with little money. And bottom line you may have missed out on big quick profits if you didn't trade this stock this AM. We always tell our FOLLOWERS based on our strategy to secure/take profits between trades ... so everybody is making a boatload of money ... we have thousands of testimonies. Volatility is where we make money, carving out excellent profits one trade at a time and it doesn't take that many trades to make a fortune as in "MAKE A BILLION IN ONE YEAR" trader strategy guide, which you may want to read if you haven't done so already, PDF eBook, $25, at scherf[dot]com/billion.htm
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