$HOFV was bounced back to $1.40 offering price after it dropped to $1.09 on Monday (11/16) when the discounted offering was announced. It took a few days and was very slow but steady and today we reached to offering price. Currently at $1.31. These rebound trades are usually no-brainers, IMO, we had the same thing with $ACB the other week when it dropped to $6.42 after the $7.50 offering announcement and then rebounded to over $8 ... we usually use the offering price at as a measuring stick. $KERN also had a similar scenario, i.e. dropping below the offering price and then little by little (actually within days) rebounding to the offering price and in this case rallying afterward. So now we have $TANH let's see if it works out, but given the volatility we should slowly move toward the $1.65 offering price probably next week or so.
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