$SOFI cad I graduated highschool in 2001 so I'm older then some younger then some. Great advice on the potential bear market coming. It will come at some point. It will be rough. That being said I have 62 percent of my managed portfolio in SoFi and believe SoFi will weather markets better then many of my other individual holdings. In 2008 I increased my 401k exponentially and it has paid off very well. For long term investors this is healthy and you have to keep your eyes on the prize. It amazes me the amount of people that expect to get rich quick and can't stomach a couple of red days around here. Minimize your risks don't over extend in options and margin and put your money where you think it can be relatively well protected. This market has been insanely friendly to retail overall and this year you pretty much can make money almost everywhere 😂. Good luck to all. I play a bit with some gambling trades but mostly invest in companies I believe in. Cheers.