Have to admit I really admire bulls enthusiasm. 1st it was ER, then it was 11/11, now it is investor’s day. It requires a lot of resilience (or foolishness) to keep your chin up in a stock which has been slammed 50% when Nasdaq is at ATHs. Best they tweet with a smiley and confidence like they totally bought the dip. Either enthusiasm or state of shock and denial... $BABA
@scorpfx i agree about the SP. now the market is completely broken. A company growing at 30% and priced at less than 20 per is a non sense, especially when the us market is so inflated. So even if the past year was horrible. I’m 99% sure you’ll make more money if you buy baba instead of Tesla today!
@Kevdew there is no sense or nonsense in the market. Market is what it is and we all play in it. Mrkts can remain irrational longer than a trader can be solvent