$HTBX everyone that is bugging out about a "shelf offering" really don't understand the reason a company went on the stock market. 1. This offering was formed from last year we know they excersied 50 mil and still have 100 mill left to offer but they share price still went up...( Who cares if u own less of the company (share dilution) as long as my shares are worth more) 2. Offering are done in a company to either grow , raise capital to expand or pay bills. We know bills are taking care of if u do ur DD u know we have enough cash on hand until end of 2021 we got grants too and our burn rate it taken care of revenue and cash on hand so we are good. 3. They are not in a tight spot where they need to excersied it right now. And from how the company tweeted to raise our share price from pennies to $4 I have faith that they don't want to screw investors too crazy. My theory they will dilute with PR so share prices increase with shares so investors don't get a double whammie .
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