$MDR I just read the latest 10k and it is clear that MDR cannot take anymore loans, not at least without the permission of this syndicate of lenders that made this bridge loan. They may not even be able to access the whole loan if other conditions aren't met. I believe they have until Nov 30 to get 95% of their senior creditors to agree to getting less money. That $69m interest payment that was due to that group is what they delayed on Nov 1. That is obviously a negotiation tactic. They have a 30 day grace period anyhow. They have almost $1billion in liquid, so the $69m is a paltry sum. If they are successful in getting that group of creditors to agree to new loan terms, then they will have enough money from this bridge loan to last them a year. So, as I see it, the next 24 days will be telling. If they can't get a deal, BK may be in the works, but if they can then they just bought 12 months to sort their finances out.
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