$PSTV and their breakthrough brain cancer drug RNL has been under the radar of pumpers with only $17M market cap and 5M shares float. 1 year price target is $35 per share! Joe Biden’s son Beau Biden died because of brain cancer and on Friday after the markets closed Joe Biden announced that “We are going to end cancer as we know it”. Joe Biden advisor of science (cancer breakthrough) is Eric Lander who is a colleague with PSTV advisors of Manish Aghi, MD PhD and Vladimir P. Torchilin, PhD DSc. PSTV brain cancer drug trial is fully funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH)! Phase 1 interim data showed that their breakthrough cancer drug RNL don’t have any severe adverse events and that their drug works! Phase 1 results are revealed soon and they plan to submit at least 2 new drugs to the FDA in the next 30 days with the same RNL platform. PSTV will have a conference call today after the market closes! $VBIV $OCGN $BNGO youtube.com/watch?v=-ygbPth...