@Dumbles_Army I know smartrickpicks thesis,I know what IPT is and its use and it makes sense.you/ can give me hundreds of millions $ and I can acquire some companies but will they make money?So far they have 51% of Treelektrik, about 20% of the e tractor dropship from India,as the one from India is 4WD if I am correct,they hold no patents as the company is a joke with its own 2WD tractor.Dude I am not saying you can't make money there,trading the stock, what I am saying is that they are unprofitable and never gonna change that.If I am wrong then great ,it will mean that there are people that not only want to makemoney but also try to create value for the investor,bu it doesn't look like that.Not from where I stand and I am fully allowed to my opinion and there is no need to call me a fagot.now/ get back to gagging on that bbc as the way IDEX fucks you ain't enough.