$UVXY now do retail sales overlaid on Nasdaq, and real GDP overlaid with Nasdaq, and New Home sales and Industrial Production and, and, and, and, you still will aim your fist at the Fed punching bag.
$UVXY - For those who are unaware why the stock market went up. Here is the Fed Balance Sheet overlaid on the Nasdaq. But this can be overlaid on the Dow or S&P as well. So, now when the biggest stock holder aka the Federal Reserve announces that they are tapering aka selling, why do bulls believe the market will continue upward? The ONLY way the market doesn't sell off is if every American starts buying all the stocks that the Fed will sell but... that simply won't happen and even if they do buy it, there won't be any steam for a further rally. That rally from March 2020 is literally scary... that's the biggest equities bubble I've ever seen.
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