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    Shak Joined May 22, 2013


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      Trade Reversal
      Technical Patterns. 23 years studying historical price models. Database Design Pattern analysis models for Hedge funds. CHAT ROOM. ETF Reversal. Opinions are my own, should not be treated as recommendations or financial advice.
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      i am Ando da Rambo
      I am a trader that watches level 2 like a hawk all day more than the average person. I study movement , bid count, and stacking to understand my plays. i play offerings for dips and bounces. I also go long in some biotech, robotics, healthcare stocks
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      frank fuller
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      love to trade
      Trade.Earn. Repeat..dont be Greedy.what I post on ST is my opinion only I invest for long turm and do day trade
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      Vision without a plan is just a dream. Plan our trades and trade our plans. Business person of the year. Invest in game changers. Using both FA and TA for trading. Equities, ETFs, rarely options.
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      Market Wisdom Official Account
      Market Wisdom - Swing Trades, Momentum Investing, Education & Mentoring. Become the best trader you can be. There's a 7-Day Risk-Free Trial.
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      Evan Medeiros Official Account
      Full time swing trader and founder of The Trade Risk where we publish market analysis, trade ideas, a free weekly newsletter, and offer premium membership services.