$OCGN Why do people compare OCGN to HSGX? They are 2 completely different enties. HSGX`s main product Neocart almost cleared FDA phase 3 clinical approval but missed a few primary endpoints. They ran into financial problems so they ceased all operations to avoid bankruptcy. OCGN treats rare and under served eye diseases. They are developing drugs that will be the only therapies on the market to treat these debilitating diseases. OCGN wanted to become a publicly traded company to expand their cutting edge science and therapies to a world audience. They merged with HSGX to obtain this goal. Medavate is a 3rd company that is in the process of buying the valuable assets of Neocart to become the cornerstone for its regenerative-medicine and precision health-care division. Ocugen is now a publicly traded company that is only 7 weeks. Ocugen stock is way undervalued and oversold. Please don`t get OCGN and HSGX confused anymore. Thank you.
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