$AYTU Soon these test will go out into the hands of medical professionals for RR POC testing. That is why I held strong through 3 offerings and a price drop to .80. AYTU said 3 to 4 weeks when I first bought. This dream of providing mass testing is coming along smoothly and ahead of schedule. This SP is exactly where it is supposed to be. These price drops have been manipulated from vicious short attacks from pre production dilutive financing terms. Don`t hate the BEARS, hate the game. This seasoned team of big pharm veterens did not raise 49m$ to rip you off in a ponzi scheme. If they did, that is why they call this speculative investing. I am speculating that AYTU is orchestrating the mother of all PR`s so we can have a monumental run. Until then ,just chill until the next episode.
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