$DMS yea...the FB analogy is terribly misleading in your attempt to compare to DMS. It's actually nauseating to even mention the two companies in the same breath so stop the madness. Allow me to share some insight and perhaps I can save a few misinformed poor unfortunate souls from listening to this nonsense and consider investing their hard earned dollars elsewhere. Like blue chips, solid index funds, or maybe even real companies. Think of me like a mask for your Covid talk. For one, DMS is not and will NEVER be anything close to FB. Two, DMS is simply a smorgasbord of smaller, previously purchased companies operating under one umbrella, DMS, whose former owners exited in exchange for a golden parachute package.
$DMS No twits in 24hrs? Where’s eveyone? Probably all gave up this stock? IPO @ $10, now 6.75? 30% discount and no interests and/or give up. Now it is the time to add, not given up. Only 2 weeks after DMS merged. It’s understandable that most people went all-in @ $10, but for those that able to average down, u should. Facebook down close to 50% after IPO, once things all figured out, it went right back up. I think DMS is no different since company is already growing and profitable.
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