$SNDL From what I can tell this isn't going up until we get a significant amount of buying from retail+tutes to accumulate actual shares. Most of the buying is ETFs and algos f'ing around on a bunch of factors that prob don't even relate to us - think about all the baskets and index funds based on memes or pegging us to some other index upon index etc. So the only thing gonna move this off the current pegged state that we are is for people to BUY SHARES and then BUY SOME MORE. Not a couple people but need a whole new flood of buyers. This needs attention. Ya'll got people to tell? tell em that might make a difference. But strong financials or financial related news are the catalysts that will ultimately bring us new buyers.... And for crying out loud buy shares and stop with the options - they are built for risk strategy around actual trading of shares and if everyone does nothing but play risk this will probably remain fubar. And have a good evening :)