$EOLS spores already identified and Botox quality control under suspicion. The court case is moot like MarkBear suggested months ago. 9m shares available to tutes at a fixed price when Alpheon unloads. Why would they want to buy the rest for more when they can control the share price. Why doesn’t mgmt help? 🤔commercial viability of EU now in 2020. So until 4Q, with a mgmt doing no pumping, what will catalyst this up? Other than maybe some covering bumps. What’s sick is traderjoze was right all along with pump and dump and he didn’t even understand the reason. 😝 so clearly machines are off. MMs stealing from retail and is it so hard to see 11 by 4Q at this current situation? Equity may be fine because he can hold for years or whenever Alpheon unloads. I decided awhile back as u all know to go elsewhere until that happened and only swing it. Still think right path unless way down. Then I would look to free up money in case 10-11 comes maybe help ur average for when the event occurs
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