$ROKU 1) insiders selling off=no collapse, 2) “not good enough ER but still beats=no collapse 3) dilution=no collapse 4) can have someone cut into it at 160 for 2 days and still FOMO buying overcomes. For these reasons please stop being a fool and throw around 100. For that to ever happened and it break its bullish stair stepping channel would require a total miss on an ER. Only event that could trigger it. Your biggest hope is they stay with trend and consolidate at 145. Taking profits on way down and making on shorts. If that happens it will have its big support to run to ATH on next ER. This would be a “Healthy move”. So it’s always something a day trader should be cognizant of during the day and be ready to flip on a dime if it happens. When ur long a stock you are never happy to have to go down. However, if you truly a LT investor believing in a 1-5 year window then you actually should be happy about a consolidation there. Very healthy LT setup. Enjoy tomorrow all!
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