$ROKU I think if another big discount comes Monday/Tuesday: 1) 128 wasn’t volume support at end it was completely mani 2) max pain down to 131 now but starting next week those 140 calls are still 50% higher in total volume. So although everything looks technically bearish their lot bull bets for next week still incentive to crush. 3) best way now if they going for bigger discount would be to take a nose dive mon/Tuesday to rebound towards end of week. Maybe use next Friday usual beat down as pt to start crack back on bears. 4) breakdown in logic trail. If you were planning to start going back up again why would you not at least take back some of that put premium back by EOD? Why was every attempt at bounce or even attempt to regain anything t above 130 slapped down. So play a bounce but better realize this isn’t like the other time we came to 127 or even the time before that. This has a much different feel and you need a mental stop pivot pt and be 1000% ready to dive
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