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    SmallCapPower is the industry's most trusted small cap coverage platform, presenting insights, analysis and investment ideas. Stay informed of the growth opportunities that smaller, under-followed, and under researched public companies offer.


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      EarningsCast Official Account
      EarningsCast is a StockTwits Preferred Content Provider. We make it easy to listen to conference calls. Sign up to get personalized portfolio podcasts, alerts and downloads. Get the IOS app at
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      Richard Posson Official Account
      Opinion based on technical, macroeconomic, a business cycle model that tracks quantifiable trends of supply and demand that impact prices. Opinion is mine only. Chartered Market Technician.
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      Marijuana Connections
      Colorado medical marijuana connections. Connect with Colorado MMJ dispensaries, businesses and patients.
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      Eric Pariag
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      Steve LeBlanc
      Steve LeBlanc - As an ETF/ETN industry expert, Steve is an author and Stock Market Analyst. He has published monthly financial commentary, news and stock investment tips in his website, He provides intricate and unbiased analys
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      PyroGenesis Canada Inc.
      PyroGenesis is the expert in plasma processes. We manufacture plasma torches, build plasma systems to do everything from, turn waste to energy, transform metal to powder and even destroy chemical warfare agents.
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      medical patient
      looking for pot stock gains $vape $cbis $mydx
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      The Daily Marijuana Observer
      Constant coverage on cannabis stocks. Be sure to check out our marijuana stock database on our website!
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      MarijuanaStock Investor
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      Brad Scott
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      Software Developer learning how to trade
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      I trade, chat, blog and tweet ideas and discussions. Not giving investment advice just creating conversation
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      DS Enns
      Started investing my own money in 2011. Invested completely in Canadian Dividend stocks with a few Growth names added in. Have beat the TSX every year so far. Inspired by Warren Buffett, Jason Donville, David Burrows, and Barry Schwartz
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      Waggle is a free service that gives TSX-listed companies a place to share information with current/ potential investors using social media to engage and communicate. Waggle is a TSX community, lending it credibility and stability.
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      Jean Scott
      Trade mostly large cap stocks on Toronto Stock Exchange, many of which are inter-listed on NYSE
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      Shawn McConnell
      Owner & Editor of Providing readers sound trading suggestions based on technical analysis
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      Full time day trader for 10+ years - Momentum Stocks both long and short. All my trades and ideas are short term based on tech analysis and price action - No overnight holds. Contact: Twitter: @TSXtrad3r
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      The TSX Expert
      Contrarian thinker, Technical analyst. I trade large and mid cap Canadian stocks and US options on a scalp and swing basis. These are my setups.
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      Pascal Hamel