$NAK Lefties like to accuse others of the actions they themselves take. "Deflection". They truly think people are that gullible to actually buy into the B.S. Just a few short months ago lefty media lobbed accusations of "giving investors a heads up" in regard to EPA lifting the PD / preemptive veto. I.M.O... what you will begin seeing here is a slow, "unnoticeable", un-winding of a short position. Why you may ask? It's simple... lefty leaks. Lefty leaks from lefty sympathetic co-operating agencies. I.E. - EPA region 10, or dept of interior, or one of the other agencies who complained about the DEIS being "woefully inadequate". Lefty leaks to lefty media, who in turn leaks to lefty hedge funds, who unwind their lefty short positions slowly and under the radar. What are they leaking you may ask? Good news from what is supposed to be "confidential" from all. I see you lefty.
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