$LKCO lets make one thing clear here. The markets been getting shitted on. Thats a no brainer. Prior to the fed fud, the market was ripping. And will rip again. So why sell for smaller profits than what you had prior to this when instead you could average down or accumuluate shares at a lower price. I tell it like it is. If you didnt sell at $3, why would you sell at under $2? Add to your shares, and increase the gain you once had to be more when it hits $3 again. In the end, i could care less if you sell, im just telling you its not going to benefit you at all. Ive seen this game time and time again in the market, and you will miss out when it turns around, and it can turn around immediately. Also, alot of people here posting BS about "fake bulls" and being all negative. Heres my screenshot of my first limit sell for a small portion of my shares. The next will be $100 and the next will be 10 years from now regardless of price. Also my average is 1.29. Any other silly comments? πŸ’β€β™‚οΈ