$JAGX so few things to remember, questions etc. Lisa has said multiple times that the gen/roc trial is invest. initiated and they have no control over it. So there is no reason they would talk about it on spac webinar. I actually think the pr would come from gen or roc Also people are expecting cancer related news to be released in the webinar, the webinar is spac related/ long haul covid so why would they even bring that up? Ticker has been going up and doing really well it's actually been doing it at a nice even pace. I don't think they want to over PR themselves. I think they're going to slowly do it over the next month or so. I just think it's better to go in with reasonable expectations than to have a bunch of people bail out Monday. Because it didn't hit 12. Green is good. Be prepared for a few month or lifetime swing imo. They want to be in the big leagues and I do think a buyout is imminent if the cancer trial is good. If it is, u will regret selling at $10.
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@solistocks @jeffermb I know alot about this co. I do know that $4 is undervalued. No-one knows the top. But I can assure you we all want to keep this for a long term hold. We all buy and sell these pump and dumps. This is no longer a pump and dump. They are turning on the jets. Once it hits $5 hedgies can buy in.
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@solistocks @jeffermb I went out with @ few of my friends last night whom all bought this stock a year ago and made fun of me and teased me and all quadrupled their money. We all have matching Jag x t-shirts because it became a joke but they still made me buy?? They made money. I haven't sold yet. And have no intentions till this thing hits it stride. This screenshot is heavy stuff below. People are talking about a billion dollars in 5 years. That's just for spec. Can olivia, cancer, HIV, cholera..........send it lisa! @Money_Matters @MarketWatch Oh yeah and @Hungry_Earner forget the news! We love ya bub!
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