$PBYA Upstryve hasn't lived up to my expectations for availability and transparency. My requests for information concerning investing in this company or a way forward haven't been answered . Sadly, I can't be bullish with this company. Though I'm not bearish, I am disappointed with their performance. As far as social media is concerned, no real PR has been put out. Just these 'virtual conferences' on things we really couldn't care less about. What revenue or marketing do these things actually get? Has anyone attended? There seems to be little to no reaction on the tweets concerning these conferences, so it seems like there would be little to no attendance. With -$2.7M ((liabilities + neg cash flow ) - revenue) with a decrease in assets seems like they are going in the wrong direction. On Property, Plant and Equipment, they lost over $100k in assets. I get depreciation, depletion and amortization, but that quickly? Anyone have any insight or thoughts on the above?