$BB NVDA plus $16 so far today and new 52 week super high, AMD another new 52 week high again already. Super happy and yes I did not expect NVDA to do so unbelievably well much like i did not expect BB to do so incredibly bad. My 3rd investment is BB and heading to another all time low WOWZA. Make no mistake there is something not right behind the scenes because no CEO/BOD would let a companies share price continue to sink. I wonder if channel checks are going on and they see something. Would be a disaster if $1.4 billion Cylance is already falling apart but we shall see I cannot imagine that JC, the BOD, and all BB employees etc are not thoroughly embarrassed by the BB share price. Definitely NOT a proud day to be connected to BB. I would assume even customers much like shareholders are getting a bit concerned as well because clearly something is not right at BB. JMHO but just look at the price as it is telling a story.
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